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IGET Moon Review 2024: A Surprise Or Disappointment?

If you are looking for a disposable vape with a high capacity and a fashionable design, the IGET Moon should be on your pre-section list.

Want to give it a try, but afraid of getting a bad vaping experience and wasting your money?

Don’t worry! Here’s the latest IGET Moon review, which analyses this vape from 10 dimensions and prevents you from stepping on the mine.

  1. Appearance design
  2. Nicotine Content
  3. Throat Hit & Vapour
  4. Flavours
  5. Price
  6. Features
  7. Using Method
  8. Lasting Period
  9. Charging method
  10. Reddit Feedback

Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s dive into the world of Moon K5000 Vape and find out if it is the vape for you!


The IGET Moon Vape rise above other vapes with its excellent 5000-puff capacity, advanced mesh coils and stylish colour design.

To do this review, I’ve used 3 Moon Vape in the past 2 months. This IGET Moon K5000 review combines features description and the actual vaping experience.

We also collected some real data from Google, feedback from Reddit and information from other authority websites to provide you with the most detailed introduction.


Things To Consider Before Purchase

Have you been dazzled by the array of vape reviews but still don’t know which one is right for you?

Now, you can stop being confused! Check out these quick descriptions to see if the Moon K5000 is your thing. It’ll only take 1 minute!

1. Business-friendly: Moon Vape supports 1 – 3 weeks of vaping without needing to replace pods or recharge, which is a portable and low-maintenance vape, perfect for businessmen.
2. Fashionable style: This vape features a vibrant colour design and large vapour production, which suits the demand of fashion chasers and vape cloud chasers.
3. Abundant flavours: This vape offers 20 flavours and various IGET Moon nicotine concentrations to satisfy adventurous vapers who enjoy trying new things.
4. Sweets collection: Most Moon Vapes are fruit flavours, which is the paradise for sweet tooth.

Now, if you find these descriptions suit your taste, then congratulations! IGET Moon should be right on your pre-selection list!

IGET Moon Brief Review: Is It Worth To Get It?

To save your reading time, I will show you the brief conclusions of my review at the beginning.

If you want a more detailed explanation, just keep reading.

IGET Moon K5000 Flavours
  • High Capacity
  • High Battery Power
  • Balanced Vaping Experience
  • Fashion Style
  • Ergonomics Design
  • Flavours tend to be sweet
  • Too few classic tobacco flavours

IGET Moon Comprehensive Review

Let’s continue our travel in discovering Moon Vape. I’ve divided the basic information of the Moon Vape into 6 parts.

1. Specifications

  • Puff: 5000 Puffs
  • E-liquid: 13ml
  • Battery: 1750mAh
  • Nicotine Salts: 40mg/ml
  • Size: 49.5×25.3×99.4mm

2. Appearance Design

The stylish and fashionable appearance of Moon Vape is an outstanding design compared to other vapes.


The Moon Vape has a flattened ellipsoid shape, resembling a perfectly sized pebble to hold in your hand.



  • The black half of this vape is made of metal, which is smooth to be gripped.
  • The other half is made of PC material, which is in splatter paint with vibrant colours and fits into the palm.
  • A silvery plate joins the two sides.


The Moon K5000 series features a bright and vibrant colour design with a splatter-painted finish, making you the trendiest vaper.



The mouthpiece of this vape is flat to fit the lip shape, which makes it a comfortable vaping experience and facilitates the rapid release of vapour.

It helps to form a thick vape cloud, helping you to achieve all kinds of vape cloud challenges with ease.


3. Nicotine Content

With a nicotine concentration of 40mg/ml, Moon K5000 offers a silkier and smoother vaping experience with less irritation than the common one of 50mg/ml.

Some Moon Vapes with a customized 20mg/ml concentration are also available on the market, providing a much milder vaping experience.


If you can’t decide which IGET Moon K5000 nicotine content, then consider checking out its type of nicotine. Here’s some advice to help you:

Free-base Nicotine: It requires a high nicotine concentration (5% or more) for better irritants, suitable for experienced vapers or vapers who prefer strong throat hits.
Nicotine salts: They match with low nicotine concentration( lower than 5%), suited for novice vapers or vapers who prefer a mild vaping experience.

4. Throat Hit & Vapour

The first puff of Moon K5000 Melon Pineapple Orange is refreshing, and then the sweet aroma of exotic fruit fills the mouth before bursting into a throat hit!

The overall throat hit of this vape is mild due to the relatively low nicotine concentration.

The rich vapour is quickly released from the mouthpiece in 1 – 3 seconds and stays in the air for 3-5 seconds.

The Moon Vape has a great amount of vape cloud, making vaping tricks like the Tornado vaping and Dragon vaping effortless for me!


5. Flavours

Moon K5000 offers 20 flavours in total, with a majority of fruity flavours and one classic tobacco. If you are not sure about which to choose, here is a Moon Vape flavor guide!

To meet the taste of mass people, I’ve also collected some real data from Google Search Console and IGET Bar Vape Shop to find out the popularity of each flavour.


Based on the impression data from Google, we can easily find out that the hottest IGET Moon flavour is absolutely Golden Tobacco.

This surprised me a little, but it shows that classic tobacco flavours still have a place in the vape market.

Then, the 5 best IGET Moon K5000 flavours that occupied the most search volume are as follows:

  • Golden Tobacco
  • Grape Ice
  • Watermelon Apple
  • Blueberry Raspberry Ice
  • Passion Fruit Kiwi Guava Ice

*Google Search Console: A website to measure the search traffic and rankings of your website, which helps to solve problems, and makes your site stand out in Google’s search results!

6. Price

To help your comparison shopping, we’ve collected the IGET Moon K5000 price from the top 10 online vape shops among the Google search results.


Basically, the IGET Moon price fluctuates between $26 and $39, with a high of $45 and a low of $24.99.

Some vape shops also provide Moon K5000 bundle sales, and the 10PCS bundle price ranges from $220 to $309.9.

That is to say, if you buy a 10PCS Moon K5000 bundle, you could enjoy a discount from $40 to $50, which equals $4 to $5 cheaper for each vape.

IGET Moon Features: What Makes It Stand Out?

Now that you have a basic understanding of this Moon Vape. Let’s discuss the features that make it stand out from other vapes.

Lightweight & Portable

With a weight of just 82g, this vape is as light as an egg, which is easy to carry around in your pocket.


Advanced Coil Technology

Mesh Coil: It has a larger surface area in contact with the air, which heats the air more evenly and improves evaporation for denser clouds and stronger throat hits.
1.35Ω coil: Compared to other sub-ohm coil designs, the 1.35Ω coil offers a more balanced power, resulting in a moderate throat hit.

Long-Lasting Battery Power

With a 1750mAh high-capacity battery, the Moon Vape can generate the vapour quickly in 1 – 3 seconds, steadily providing 5000+ puffs.

A fully charged Moon K5000 supports 1 – 3 weeks of vaping until the e-liquid is drained out.

Now you can vape anytime and anywhere, without worrying about your vape battery life.


Child Lock Mode

Some of the Moon Vapes is equipped with a child lock design to avoid false activation and extra battery drain and to prevent underage misuse.

If you want to know how to activate the child lock mode, read on for more details.


How To Use IGET Moon?

As a disposable vape, the usage method of the Moon Vape is quite simple. Here show you 3 steps to quickly activate and some tips based on my vaping experience:

1. Peel off the protective seal at the bottom and remove the soft stopper from the mouthpiece. Otherwise, it may block the vapour from coming in and out.
2. Hold the vape and fit the lips to the mouthpiece.
3. No buttons are required, just puff-activated.

Then, here are some ways to check the activation status:

Switch on: If the vape is activated, there is a constant white light when you are vaping.
Switch off: When you stop vaping for 10 minutes, the device will automatically shut down, decreasing the risk of overheating or battery drain.

Some manufacturers offer a child-lock design for the customized Moon K500 Vape, which prevents false activation or misuse by the underage.

To activate the child lock, just press the button on the side of the device 5 times within 5 seconds to activate it.

Flashing Light ColourFlashing Light Times
Child Lock ActivationRed3
Child Lock DeactivationWhite3

How Long Does IGET Moon Last?

The normal usage period of this vape is 10-21 days, which provides 5000 puffs.

However, the actual puff count varies according to the vaping habits of each person.

  • 500 puffs per day: 10 days
  • 400 puffs per day: 12.5 days
  • 300 puffs per day: 16 days
  • 200 puffs per day: 25 days

In addition, if you are fond of deep inhaling while vaping, you may get half or less of the puffs written on the package. That is to say, it offers 2500 puffs or less and lasts for 5 – 10 days.


How To Recharge IGET Moon?

Here are the methods on how to open Moon K5000 and how to recharge it.

Step 1: Insert a screwdriver or nail clipper into the centre silver plate and separate the smooth black side from the splattered painted side.
Step 2: Take out the battery inside the vape.
Step 3: Switch on the power supply and connect a DIY charging cable to the battery
Step 4: Wait 5 minutes for charging time
Step 5: Assemble the battery back into the device and connect 2 sides of the shell again.

When you finish this charging process, this fully charged vape battery sustains for 1 – 3 weeks until the e-liquid runs out.

At the same time, repeated charging over a long period of time can lead to a decrease in battery life. The battery life may gradually reduce to less than 2 days.

If you want more detailed methods for making DIY charging cables and charging the Moon Vape, please read the guide below to know more.

To maximumly reduce your charging risk, here are some precautions and tips for you:

Control charging time: It takes about 70-75 minutes to fully charge. It should be charged 12 times, and each charge lasts 5 minutes.
Take a break between charges: Between each 5-minute charge, unplug the vape to pause for 2-3 minutes
Monitor the charging: It’s recommended to monitor the vape until the charging is done. Otherwise, it’ll become overheating, and it will lessen the battery life.
Use dry hands: It is to avoid accidental electronic shock during charging. If the condition permits, you could also wear a pair of insulated gloves.

IGET Moon Review Reddit

I’ve also found a lot of IGET Moon reviews shared by vapers from Reddit, which can help you get a more comprehensive picture of how this vape actually works!

Many Moon users on Reddit are curious about whether this vape supports charging or not. It should be mentioned that this vape is disposable and not rechargeable.


IGET Moon Review: Is It Worth Buying?

At last, I want to give a detailed conclusion about this vape.

The IGET Moon Vape boasts a stylish, ergonomic design and a high-capacity e-liquid tank. Its disposable design helps you spend less time and effort on maintenance.

Although its throat hit is relatively weak, the flavour is still refreshing and sweet, perfect for a little relaxation after a hard day’s work.

The IGET K5000 is an excellent vape, and whether it is good or not depends on your vaping preference.

1. If you are a busy businessman, a sweet tooth, a fashion chaser, or a person who likes a mild throat hit, then don’t hesitate to get your Moon Vape back home!
2. If you prefer a rechargeable vape, classic colours, a strong throat hit, or a higher e-liquid capacity, you may consider other alternatives.

Alternative Choices

If you want to explore other vapes before trying the Moon K5000, you could read the following reviews for a side-by-side comparison.

Alternative 1: IGET Bar Plus

This is a rechargeable vape that allows replacing pods. The pod can be used for 12 – 25 days, and the battery can be used for 300 days by charging from time to time.

It lasts much longer than the Moon Vape, but it needs to be recharged daily, and the pod has to be replaced every 12-25 days.

Alternative 2: IGET Star

This is a disposable vape with a rechargeable function. You don’t need to replace pods or refill e-liquid, which avoids the leaking issues.

However, IGET Star’s battery life is limited by e-liquid consumption. Since it can’t refill e-liquid, the overall lasting period is less than IGET Bar Plus.

In addition, the Star Vape offers only 13 flavours, which is much less than the Moon Vape.


After reading through this review, are you impressed by IGET Moon? Why not follow your heart and just buy one to try?

You just need one click of the “Add To Cart” to quickly enjoy vaping on the go and become the most fashionable vaper.

If you want the latest vaping information, welcome to the IGET Bar Vape Shop, where we continue to provide a variety of practical and on-trend reviews and guides!

FAQ About IGET Moon Review

What is the best Flavour of IGET?

Based on our sales data and search volume, the best IGET flavours are the following:

  • IGET Bar Strawberry Raspberry
  • IGET Bar Plus Grape Ice
  • IGET Bar Blackberry Ice
  • IGET Bar Plus Blueberry Raspberry Bubble Gum
  • IGET BarRaspberry Grape

How do you know if an IGET has nicotine?

IGET Vapes usually labels the presence of nicotine and the nicotine concentration on the package.

  • If you haven’t bought the IGET Vape yet, you can check the product page on the online shops to confirm.
  • If you have already got the package but can’t find any nicotine description on the package, please contact customer service.