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How To Tell If IGET Bar Is Fake? 9 Steps Deal It

Are you worried that you’ve spent real money but bought a fake IGET Bar? They may not work or taste terrible, ruining your good mood for the day!

With five years of vaping experience, I have been able to distinguish fake vape easily. I’ve compiled a list of 9 criteria about how to tell if IGET Bar is fake:

  1. Package inspection
  2. Anti-counterfeit website
  3. Scanning times
  4. Message board
  5. Specification check
  6. Physical inspection
  7. Upgrades verification
  8. Flavour and vapour evaluation
  9. Pricing and Source Verification

If you don’t want to waste money on fake products, then don’t miss our upcoming guide on IGET Bar authenticity check!


As one of the hottest series of IGET Vape, IGET Bar Vapes are also plagued by an endless stream of counterfeits.

IGET Bar Vape Shop compared 4 genuine products with fake ones found in the online forum. From the package to the scanned information, some fakes are hard to tell apart from real ones.

Don’t worry! We’ll get you covered with detailed instructions on all aspects of authentication. Just read the guide to ensure a value-for-money purchase!

How To Tell If IGET Bar Is Fake

Except for some regular ways of IGET authenticity check, our team also put forward some solutions based on our vaping experience.

When you get the vape package, you need to check these pieces of information first:

1. Trademark Quality And Placement

The “R” in a circle is placed in the upper right-hand of the trademark. It means the trademark is registered successfully and under the protection of law.

If the sign is crooked or blurred, it may be counterfeit and not legally valid.

2. Spelling And Grammar Errors

Some fake products may mess up the brand name and product name. For example, the “IGET” and “IGE7”.

3. Specification

Check out if the flavour is correct with your order. The puff of I GET Bar Vapes is always 3500 puffs.

If you’ve bought a bundle product, check to see if there are any product quantities missing.

4. QR Code

All IGET products are equipped with an anti-counterfeiting QR code:

  1. There are numbers in the middle of the top of the QR code (next to the ASYun text).
    • The real one always changes this number for each package, but the fake one never changes.
  2. There is a number on the top right of the QR code, while the fake one is not.

After scanning the QR code, the phone screen shows you detailed anti-counterfeit information.

Pull the page to the top and scroll down to show the website for security code verification. There are only 2 real websites for verifying the fake IGET products:



If you come across authenticity-check websites other than these two, you’ve bought fake Bars, and you should contact customer service at once.

Let’s move on to the line about the scanning times.

For a true Bar Vape, the text “This product is genuine” appears for 1-3 scanning times.

However, when the scanning times are over 3, the text changes to “Please note that this QR code has been scanned more than three times.”

If the query times are over 3 when you first scan it, you should beware that it may be a second-hand product.

For the fake BarVape, this line always shows the number of scanning times but not a text reminder.

Then, turn to the bottom of the web page. There, you will find a message board where you can upload your comments, pictures, and videos to the IGET Vape owner.

However, the fake website doesn’t support these functions. Its message board can be seen, but it cannot type and upload anything.

If you purchased your product from the IGET Bar vape shop, you can also contact us directly for assistance.

Although the Bar Vape changes packaging design occasionally, its specifications are consistent. The IGET Bar manufacturer always shows the ingredients clearly.

  1. E-liquid capacity: 12ml
  2. Power cell: 1500mAh
  3. Puffs: 3500 puffs
  4. Packing: 1pc (It may vary with different bundle products)
  5. Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycerin, Food-grade Flavour, Nicotine (Or nicotine-free), Benzoic Acid, Glycerol

If you find the details of the specifications are different from this information, be aware that you may have bought a fake one.

When you tear open the packaging, you can take out the vape to feel its weight, size and appearance.

  • This vape is small enough to lie down on your hands, suited to your palm ergonomics. With a weight of 78 grams, you can feel it as light as an egg.
  • The surface of the vape should have no scratches or paint loss.

If you find the vape is too light to hold in your hands or there are serious scratches, it’s probably a fake.

You’d better contact customer service to confirm if it is a used product.

It should be noted that IGET has not upgraded the Bar Vape version. Any product claiming to be an upgraded Bar Vape is a counterfeit item.

  • The real one has a hand-held and streamlined shape, and the fake one, which claims to be upgraded, is cylindrical.
  • At the same time, the real Bars are disposable vapes without a charging port. But some fake upgraded Bar are equipped with a charging port.

If you encounter fakes like that, please claim to the customer service at once.

While the flavour experience varies from person to person, Bar Vape’s consistent quality control ensures smooth vapour and a mildly irritating throat hit.

According to a study from 2018, exhaled vapour vaporates within a few seconds and turns into volatile organic compounds.

Based on our vaping experience, the time vapour stays in the air may vary from 4 to 6 seconds.

If you notice sweet-tasting droplets or experience small and thin vapour while vaping, you have likely bought a counterfeit product.

The biggest clue to verifying fake products is the price and purchase. It is probably fake if the product is purchased at a very low price from a retailer lacking accreditation.

By gathering data from 12 online shops, we have summarized the IGET Bar price range.

  • It ranges steadily from $29.9 to $33.9 for a single pack, with a high of $50 and a low of $24.90.
  • The 10PCS bundle price varies from $259.0 to $299, and some retailers may not offer the bundle sale.

Try to find some credit-worthy retailers or online shops to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

So, why not try IGET Bar Vape Shop, which meets all the anti-counterfeit ways above and offers a competitive price?

How To Verify Old And New IGET 3500

It should be noted that Bar 3500 changed its design in 2023. If you find your vape is different from others in the number of airflow, just take it easy!

It is just the difference between the old and new design. The old one shows 4 airflows while the new one shows 3, and the airflows are ranged in different positions.

How To Tell If IGET Bar Is Fake Reddit

If you’ve checked all the things mentioned above but still fail to verify, why not join the Reddit users?

In the vaping community on Reddit, you can share photos of your vapes and ask other vapers for help and advice in verification!

Hazards Of The Fake IGET Bar

Why would we continue fighting with fake products? Here are some terrible truths about fake vapes, which you don’t want to miss.

Bad vaping experience: Some vapers said that they experience bad flavour with fake bars. It usually comes with unvaporized e-liquid droplets or small vapour.

Harmful ingredients: E-liquids that have not been quality tested do not meet food-grade standards and may contain harmful substances such as diacetyl.

Poor quality: Fake IGET Vape coil and battery lead to the device overheating or even exploding, risking your safety in every second of vaping.

Loose assembling: Poor installation of components leads to the IGET Bar not working, e-liquid leakage, extra cleaning costs or even social embarrassment.

However, the reason why IGET Bar is not working isn’t necessarily because you’ve bought a fake. More reasons can be read below.

Learn More: Why Is My IGET Bar Not Working

What To Do When I Have Bought Fake IGET Bars

What should I do if I’ve already bought the fake one? Here is some advice to help you:

1. Stop using at once: For your own health and safety considerations, do not settle for fake products that pose a safety risk!

2. Preserve the photo and video evidence: Consult the guide and take photos of any unusual signals. Contact customer service to request a refund.

3. Make a claim: If you want to join the fight against counterfeiting, you can also summarize the evidence collected in an email to the IGET Vape website.

How To Avoid Buying Fake Bar

Here are some ways to help you avoid wasting money on buying the fake IGET Puff Bars:

1. Choose reliable sources: Find some credit-worthy vape retailers or online vape shops to ensure they are genuine products. Beware of the extremely cheap price of IGET Vapes.

2. Check Packaging: Before your purchase, remember to check the packaging by following the steps in this guide.

3. No unpacked products: Be cautious of cheap unpacked or used vapes. They may cause health and safety issues, such as bad flavour, burnt-out devices, and disease.

How Are IGET Vapes Made

If you open the IGET Vapes, you’ll find most of them consist of an e-liquid tank and a battery.

  • E-liquid tank: It has a cotton wick soaked in e-liquid, which is a blend of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycerin, Food-grade flavour, Nicotine, Benzoic Acid, and Glycerol.
  • Battery: The battery and the tank are taped together.

With the tank and battery put into the vape and connected by wires, the IGET Vape production is done.

The ratios of the ingredients will vary with the IGET Bars flavours, but the basic IGET Bar ingredients are the same.

With ISO certification and a Diacytl-free e-liquid base, consumers can be assured that the manufacturing process of IGET Vapes is safe and secure.

Does Cignall Sell IGET Vapes

Of course, Cignall sells IGET Vapes. Established in 2000, Cignall originally sold cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, and accessories.

With the development of vaping, the store has expanded to sell vaping products, such as IGET Vapes.

As an offline vape shop, Cignall offers professional customer service, competitive pricing, and quick response to urgent vaping demands, complementing online services.

However, due to 2024 new regulations in Australia that ban the import of vapes, offline shops like Cignall may no longer sell e-cigarettes, including IGETs.

How To Verify Fake IGET Legend

As another hot-sale product in IGET Vapes, IGET Legend also shares the same trouble as theIGET Bars.

The way to verify fake IGET Legend is similar to the Bar ones.

  1. Check the packaging: Inspect the spelling, grammar and anti-counterfeit code.
  2. Check the seal: Check the packaging is sealed firmly before you tear it apart.
  3. Scan the anti-counterfeit code: Check the scanned page by following the steps mentioned above.
  4. Try the flavour and vapour: Check if there is leakage or if the vapour is small.


Now you’ve done your reading, why not go ahead, and test whether your IGET Bar is genuine or not?

For more vaping issues, IGET Bar Vape Shop always provide you with a detailed guide.

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How do I know if my vape is original?

Most vapes printed an authentication QR code. Some QR codes require you to scratch off the layers. Then, you can scan the code with your phone.

If the QR code is genuine, the scanned page also shows the genuine information and supports the feedback to the official website.

What are the dangers of fake disposable vapes?

Using fake disposable vapes usually leads to these results:

  1. Safety risk: Poor quality of fake vape leads to overwhelming the heating system, ultimately overheating or exploding.
  2. Health hazards: E-liquid in fake disposable vape may not be able to pass the quality test and even contain harmful ingredients.
  3. Bad flavour: Some fake vape easily causes leakage and bad taste while vaping, which interrupts your vaping.

How many cigarettes are in an IGET Bar?

An IGET Vape Bar is usually equal to 350 cigarettes. According to answers in Quora, one cigarette is equivalent to 10 puffs in most situations.

With 3500 puffs, this vape offers around 350 cigarettes, supporting 7-15 days of vaping.

What’s inside of an IGET Bar?

Generally, we don’t recommend disassembling the Bar Vape to know the internal structure.

If you really need to know about it, here is a short introduction about what’s inside.

  1. Use a plier to remove the bottom of the IGET Bar
  2. There is a battery winding with a cotton layer
  3. An e-liquid tank connected to the battery